4BID GALLERY_Production and Curation

4bid Foundation @ OT301, Overtoom 301, 1054HW Amsterdam NL


4bid engages in creative dialogue & collaboration through different mediums: illustration, performance, dance, installation and curatorial practice. Founded originally together with Masako Matsushita, Giacomo Cardoni, and Paolo Paggi, presently Irina Baldini, Simona Piras, Sierra Hatcher for the board of the foundation, with volunteers at the core of the project.

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Click here to see Amsterdam Television AT5 interview in OT301, 2018 (NL)

The Gallery is a physical space in which to create, express, expose the product of our elaborations as much as a space that facilitates communication and exchange between us, the individuals in the group, and the local community.
We like the idea of a small family inhabiting the space and being present to welcome influences from outside the Gallery’s door. An independent entity that is part of the bigger family, the OT301.
The space has for us a double function: at times a ‘backstage area’ where activities, studies, processes take place in an informal manner, and an organized presenting platform that shows work which has been produced or supported by the space.
We offer a variety of recurrent activities open to the public: exhibitions/open studios -workshops -performances -lectures.

If you wish to keep updated on our activities or just have an imminent question email us at 4bidgallery@gmail.com

see www.4bidgallery.com and check the agenda of OT301 or FB page for to look out for events and opening times.