Live Performance and Installation with Video element “Corpodipesaro


Centro Fondazione Arti Visive la Pescheria,

Pesaro_IT 2012

This piece consists of relatively small space for dance performance in which several elements become part of the installation:

a one-to-one performance which responds to choices the viewer makes in the moment of assisting the work, in the specific choosing a photograph to which the performers react giving life to a memory of heirs related to the space represented in the selected image;

elements of the space which are preset but change over time with the interaction of the visitor, in the specific photographs and a door made of thread which is done and undone each time a visitor enters the space adding up in volume and consistence;

a short film of the duration of ten minutes presenting Soi3′s experience in specific spaces chosen in city of Pesaro where the dancers have improvised exploring the performative potential of the landscape and worked on repetition of a structure towards the creation of a documentative video which shows their physicality through the eye of a casual viewer.

In the city of Pesaro we have met places,
we spent the time in those,
we got to know them and to share moments ‘with’ them.

We asked the audience to make choices, to pick a memory we could re-live.
We responded truly in the moment, interpreting it with our body.

The video collects special times of the day we chose to shoot in places we felt special: a sunrise, an afternoon, a sunset.

What was and is important to Soi3 in relation to the work are the elements of live presentation and the need to have an exchange between performer and visitor in the moment of action.

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A collaborative work as Soi3 with Masako Matsushita