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4bidden SOUNDS 4bidden SPACES further explores the possibilities of the recently installed 12-channel surround sound system of 4bid Gallery.

How is a dialogue between where do we hear, when are we heard and how do we listen? The project searches for moments and locations of overlap for body-inspired sonic experiments and a fluid-methodology for choreographic improvisation. We bring together vocal, analogue and digital sounds with live movement performance, driven by the questions: where / when / to what do we listen? We will engage in dialogues that move between bodily and sonic exchanges, supported by our background in voice-movement integration, dance and sound design. Our shared urgency to hear the not-quite-audible, see the nearly hidden, sense the more-than-visual leads us to listen in for moments of misunderstanding, which confuse and distort dialogues; to find cracks that confirm instability and gaps that allow for interruptions. We look for other potentialities in communication and for ways to enter in dialogue with what surrounds us.
Through live performance, we intend to invite and reveal the always-present shadows of unclarity, misinterpretation, and confusion. We converse in a dialogue between space, movement and thought. We overlap vocal, analogue, and digital sounds with live movement.

Photo credit: Fenia Kotsopoulou