LOW CONTENT is a choreographed publication that deals with aspects of Change. It started as a collection of reflections around this theme in relation to movement practice and bodily expressiveness through a personal understanding of it, and evolved together with a number of artists who contributed to the book with their own visions and approaches to the topic. The concept of Change is addressed in various ways through its relationship to freedom, society and stability, identity and consciousness.
Through this publication different approaches to keeping interested (in living and in doing), to discovering and communicating are presented through elements of various mediums: text, poetry, performance, sound and film.
Dealing with Change as a state of mind in which any choice is possible and is a chance for “new” is a practice, and it affects the way one is interested in life. LOW CONTENT looks at how change can be addressed from different perspectives. It explores the theme theoretically and through performance, looking at how Change is focal to human beings in our contemporary society.
Written over a non continuous period of two years, LOW CONTENT was conceived and developed by Irina Osterberg during artist residencies in US, The Netherlands, Finland, Spain and Sweden. It wants to become a place where to find relationships to oneself’s visions about the constant flow of possibilities for taking new directions and changing what one has or sees.
LOW CONTENT includes performances and installations which were presented in Amsterdam, NL at the multi-media alternative cultural centre OT301 former artist squat and ex-film academy bought by the EHBK, and in Cadiz, ES at the Espacio Creacion Contemporanea de Cadiz, contemporary art museum.
The work can be read, watched, listened to in parts or as a whole.