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Of Finnish/Italian origin, Irina Baldini graduated in Dance Theater from Trinity Laban, London UK in 2010. She gained an MA in Performance Practices, from ArtEZ, NL in 2021 and worked over the years with different choreographers (Yvonne Rainer, Xavier Leroy, Mårten Spangberg, Simone Forti, Mike Kelley, Pablo Bronstein, Susan Sentler) at various venues (Hayward Gallery, The White Cube, Institute of Contemporary Art, Raven Row Gallery, Tate Britain, and independently at Queens Museum, La Biennale di Venezia; Theater aan het Spui, OGR Torino, Florence Dance Festival, Dansmakers Amsterdam). She is author of the books Low Content, Kelder, Accountable Temporary Expedients and Between a Kick and a Cuddle.

In 2013, Irina co-established 4bid gallery in Amsterdam, a place of experimentation and site for the development of temporary cultures,  within the context of OT301, multimedia cultural center. There she initiated artistic exchanges such as the ongoing programs Highs & LowsB.base – a body based space and the more recent 4S4S.

Irina worked internationally since, establishing her network. Running 4bid gallery and her encounter with the OT301 has been decisive for her practice: she produces her own work as well as programming and inviting public and fellow artists to encounter artistic research, facilitating a platform for feedback and professional development.

Parallel to this, her ongoing research, productions, touring and teaching, Irina maintains a regular practice of exchange with other artists working across various fields. Furthermore, Irina is a traditional and experimental printmaker and bookbinder, strong of her conservation and restoration studies completed in her home-town, Florence, IT, plays bass-guitar in the music project RUN! and is lead-vocalist in the Punk-HC band Blind Ambition, Amsterdam.


Choreography / Performance:

*Through a Portal, with Emily Welther, at Kunstkapel 2023, vocals, bass-guitar, dance performance, concept.

*The raw material of poems, with Marwin Vos, at Winternachten 2023, dance performance, choreography.

*Blind Ambition at OCCII, vocals, lyrics.

*Spectres, premiered at UNDER SCARS, Venice International Performance Art Week 2022, Concept, choreography, drawing.

*Between a Kick and a Cuddle, premiered at 404-festival not found 2021,  Perdu Amsterdam. Concept, choreography, sound design.

*Without Quite Knowing, premiered at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020, Dansmakers Amsterdam. Concept, choreography, text, sound design.

*In the event of, premiered at Florence Dance Festival XXX edition, Chiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella, Florence IT 2019. Concept, choreography, text.

*Quite Now, premiered at La Biennale di Venezia, festival danza 2018, Teatro Tese dei Soppalchi, Venice IT. Concept, choreography.

*7 Ways to begin without knowing where to start, premiered at Venice Biennale Dance – College Choreographers, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice IT 2017, concept, choreography and sound.

*Prop Replica, part of the series Outdancing Gallery by Irina Osterberg, Galerie Gabriel Rolt Amsterdam NL 2016, performance + sound and video installation.

*Stations Revisited, part of the series Outdancing Gallery by Irina Osterberg, premiered at Queens Museum New York NY 2016, performance + sound and video installation.

*Schikking, part of the series Outdancing Gallery by Irina Osterberg, with Dierck Roosen at Steen Fabriek Gilze NL 2015, performance + sound and video installation.

*Zintuigen streeling, with Dierck Roosen, Premiered Amsterdam Free Fringe Festival NL 2015 experiential performative installation

*Palindrome, Premiered Amsterdam Free Fringe Festival NL 2015 performance + sound and video installation.

*What it is, is not ‘it’, Premiered Spinnerei Leipzig DE 2015 performative installation

*n.5 of 18 versions of thoughtlessness, Premiered Chisenhale Dance Space London UK 2014 movement performance + live noise sound

*no-ting, Premiered ECCO Museum of Contemporary Art Cadiz, ES 2013 movement, texts and poems, film

*Content not-yet, Premiered Hangartfest, Pesaro IT 2013, movement installation with live sound

*All the things this is not, Premiered AWA gallery Amsterdam NL 2013, film, movement, text


Collaborative work:

*GEM’N'EYE, 2021-ongoing, vocal, sound and movement performance; *4bid gallery, 2013-ongoing, management programming and curating the independent art space in OT301 Amsterdam;
*Collaborative duo Soi3 : Activity #3, 2013-2014, choreography on the score by Fischli and Weiss, Amsterdam (NL)
 Moving Actions, Unveiling Images, 2013, site-responsive performance. Jämsä Corpodipesaro, 2012, film, movement. Pesaro (IT); Time Menu :45/:15, 2012, performance and installation. NYC (US); Creases, 2012, movement. NYC (US); Suppietij, 2012, film. NYC (US);
*Susan Sentler, choreographer, director, film maker: – ’See, Sea’, 2013, film and live performance. Laban, London (UK) -’Exposed’, 2012, film. London (UK) -’Poised’, 2011, film. London (UK);
*Giorgia Sciannameo, photographer, video artist: -Signing in-to-a place, video installation, Royal Festival Hall, London;
 *Sayaka Motani-Juxtappose, 2013 performance, OT301, Amsterdam;
*Giacomo Cardoni and Markus Mattsson -DeePending, 2014 performance and video installation, Raja Taide Tila, Tampere;
*Dierck Roosen – Personal, 2015 film. Amsterdam (NL) – ’Make Senses’ 2015 Participatory Performative Installation, Vondelpark Amsterdam (NL)

Museum and Gallery based work:

*Carousel, Dancer, OGR Turin, IT, Pablo Bronstein 2019.
*Historical Dances in Antique settings, Dancer, Tate Britain UK, Pablo Bronstein 2016.
*Prop replica, curator and performer, Galerie Gabriel Rolt NL/with Jose Ramon Amondarian solo show. 2016.
*Sfilare, Dancer, Museo del Tessuto Prato IT by Susan Sentler. 2010.
*MOVE Choreographing you, Performer, Haus der Kunst Munich DE,
*Production by Xavier LeRoy and Marten Spangberg;
*Hanging and Huddle by Simon Forti;
*Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity And Manipulatory Responses by Mike Kelley. 2011.
*Sketches for Regency Living, Dancer, ICA London UK, by Pablo Bronstein. 2011.
*Art of Change, new directions from China, Performance Team Leader and Performer, Hayward Gallery London UK by Yingmei Duan. 2012.
*Interactions of the abstract body, Performer, White Cube Mason’s Yard London UK, by Josiah McElheny. 2012- 2013.
*Content not-yet, Performer, C&H art space Amsterdam NL by Irina Baldini. 2013.
*Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works, Raven Row Gallery London UK, Dancer, Chair Pillow, Diagonal, Trio-A by Yvonne Rainer. 2014.
*All the Best: famous after death, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam NL by 4bid group. 2014.
*Navigating in Blue, Dancer and costume designer, NOW Gallery London UK by Susan Sentler. 2015.
Awards and Funding:
*LUTSF to travel to NYC to develop the project Specificity of Circumstances with Masako Matsushita. 2012.

*co-creation residency “BODY MATTERS”, C32 performingartworkspace (IT) 2022, *RicercaX, Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino (IT) 2022, *LAKE studios, Berlin (DE) 2021, *Biennale College, La Biennale Di Venezia (IT) 2017, *Pilotenkueche, Leipzig (DE)
 2014, *Flock, Bökenas (SE) 2013, *Associacion Cultural Linea de Costa c/o ECCOcadiz, Cadiz (ES) 2013, 
*Go-Go 301, AWA Gallery c/o OT301, Amsterdam (NL) 2013, 
*Mitologie Urbane, Centro Fondazione Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro (IT)
 2012, *Residency Ulimited Brooklyn, NY (US)
 2012, *Collective Movement, Southbank Centre, London (UK) 2010, *Encounter, Hayward Gallery, London (UK)

*Between a Kick and a Cuddle, 2023, *Accountable Temporary Expedients, 2022 *Kelder, 2020 *Low Content, 2018

Panelist Position:

*Highs & Lows Amsterdam NL, 2013-ongoing
*Essere Creativo Pesaro IT, 2015

*B.base, 2016- ongoing
*Highs & Lows Amsterdam NL, 2013-ongoing
*4S4S Amsterdam NL, 2023-ongoing
*Outdancing Gallery, 2016

Development and Organization:
*4bid gallery, Curating, programming, PR, OT301 Amsterdam NL. 2013-ongoing.
*Art of Change, new directions from China, Performance Team Leader and Performer, Hayward Gallery London UK. 2012.

Production Manager at:
Home of Performance Practices; ArtEZ university of the Arts, Arnhem NL 2020-today *4bid gallery, Amsterdam NL 2013-today.
Study Career Manager at:
Home of Performance Practices; ArtEZ university of the Arts, Arnhem NL 2023.

Worked/working with:
 Xavier LeRoy, Marten Spangberg, Mike Kelley, Simone Forti, Pablo Bronstein, Yvonne Rainer, Josiah McElheny, Yingmei Duan, Susan Sentler, Pat Catterson, VestAndPage.

Venues performed at:
-Tate Britain, London UK
-Hayward Gallery, London UK
-White Cube Mason’s Yard, London UK
-Jerwood Space, London UK
-Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London UK
-GV Art Gallery, London, UK
-Independent Dance, London UK
-Somerset House, London UK
-Designersblock, London UK
-Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK
-Wapping Power Station, London UK
-Raven Row Gallery, London UK
-Now Gallery, London UK-Teatro Tase dei Soppalchi, Venice Biennale, Venice IT
-Teatro Piccolo Arseneale, Venice Biennale, Venice IT
-Hangartfest, Pesaro IT
-Teatro Sperimentale, Pesaro IT
- Centro Fondazione Arti Visive la Pescheria, Pesaro IT
-Tribeca Factory, Prato IT
- PopSofia Festival of Contemporaneity, Civitanova IT
-Teatro Libero del Monte Nerone, IT
-Bargello Museum for Florence Dance Festival 2010, Florence, IT
-Viviao del Malcantone, Florence IT
-Museo del Tessuto, Prato, IT
OGR Torino IT-Palazzo Mora, Venice IT-Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn NYC US
-The Secret Theatre, LIC, NYC US
-67 Ludlow, Manhattan NYC US 
-Queens Museum, Queens NYC US
-Erkki Hirvelä Atelier, Jamsa FIN
-Arteles, Tampere FIN
-Raja Taide, Tampere FIN
-BARKER Teatteri, Turku FIN-ROUTA company, Kajaani FIN
-Haus Der Kunst, Munich DE
-Spinnerei, Leipzig DE
-UT Connewitz, Leipzig DE
-Berlin Arts United, Berlin DE
LAKE studios, Berlin DE-Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam NL
-OT301, AWA gallery, Amsterdam NL
-C&H Art Space, Amsterdam NL
-de Vondelbunker, Amsterdam NL
-de Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam NL
- Dokzaal, Plantage Dok Amsterdam NL
-Het Huis, Utrecht NL
-Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam, NL
-Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag, NL
-Perdu, Amsterdam NL
- KulturLager Pa Backaplan, Göteborg, SE
ECCO contemporary art museum, Cadiz ES

Related Skills:

Production Management, Career Counselling, Dance training in: Release, Cunningham, Graham, Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition.
 Repertoire: Trio-A
Languages: Italian, Finnish, English, Dutch.

Professional References:
contact for addresses of referees.

photo credit:
Fenia Kotsopoulou