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TEACHING / intensives / workshops / auditions

Workshops and Intensives with Irina Baldini

For professional dance artists, visual/performance artists, filmmakers and all artists who make work:



Standard price €30 Low income €20 Concession
To book email or message +31617959976 (also Whapp)


The toolbox

With Irina Baldini

Back from a premiere of a commissioned work for Venice Biennale, Irina wants to carry on her research and offers an intensive workshop for professional dance artists, visual/performance artists, filmmakers and all artists who make work.

She worked internationally as a performer at various art galleries and museums and choreographs site-responsive as well as for theatre. In 2013 she established the 4bid gallery in Amsterdam with a group of artists, a place of experimentation and site for the development of temporary cultures across medias and countries. She also initiated the artistic program Highs & Lows, evening of performances, bringing varieties of contemporary choreography and live art to Amsterdam.

Irina is lead by an interest in openings, beginnings, finding solutions to un-asked questions. She does not trust ideas and established methods, but believes in disposable formulas for one-time experiences.

You will be invited to look at some topics of interest and principles:
*sensation – experience – honesty – focus. “Movement doesn’t happen if there’s no reason” (external factor -contingency- or one’s internal drive, motivation, inspiration, inner trigger, necessity)
*habit VS change: can we exercise changing our minds at any time?
*saying the stupid thing.
*visual rhythms / acoustic architecture: acknowledging that presence is a manifestation of rhythm and has power to provoke.
*provocation: we are provocateurs; dancers; listeners, activators.
*agreeing to produce a common language
*inexplicit sociality of a group: there are more bodies, despite not all might be actively-provoking / visibly-present.
*interruption is encouraged, at any stage, to disruption if necessary.

under-layering themes (anchors):
*words: authorship; discourse; agency; contingency; affect; politics of representation; objectification; commodification
*philosophy within the dance: value of this art; semiotic interpretations
*choreology: attention to the analysis of movement
*social sciences: how is this (dance?) a medium of cultural and social interaction

other themes:
*dispersion / disruption

This workshop is…
An attempt to change, fluidize, open up possibilities.
Attempt to exchange knowledge, potentially revealing new temporary truths, belonging to nobody.
Being functionally intangible. A fluid flow in many directions that implies development of self, ideas, concepts and thoughts.

Knowledge and information is not transferred but constructed. (Spiranec and Zorica, 2010)

Part of the day will involve participants thinking through their current practice and life, part will involve generating something new.
We will be looking at:
movement structural model: naming what we see
practicing reasons to move
exercising eye tasks
analysing and practicing qualities of movement and change
connecting and disconnecting body parts
practice feeling the changes of effort as a group

Click here to find out more about Irina

The workshop includes a free ticket to an upcoming Highs & Lows evening of performance in OT301.



Location: OT301 Amsterdam

Movement sessions
*placement, warm up, stretches, balance, awareness, anatomy
*perceptions of space and proprioception, moving in space, composition

Appointments: Wednesdays 18:00h

€15 x person or
bring your friends €12 per person for groups of 3 people or more.

for info on timetable email

The theme of these sessions is Change, applied to possibilities of moving the body and how this reflects in how we make choices in our everyday life.
The structure of each meeting covers a general warm-up, stretches, balances informed by different body practices.

Attention will be given to general perception of space and proprioception, elements of touch and contact work, individual and group exploration of movement through given tools for composing movement.
Some physical experience appreciated but not compulsory. We learn as we move!

“I am interested in the body as a collection of structures that have special ways to move, in the space and in relation to one another. We learn to know the body over time and associate with it certain common patterns of motion which make us human first of all, civilized in society, and when looked at in details, also unique.
I consider the body as a container of these structures, which order can be changed and of which movement strategies modified so that it can surprise us and not be only the body we know because of habitude and common use.
But how could we lose this standard conception of Body the way we know it?
The way I have an interest IN the body led me to find and to keep searching for what it is that I am interested in, where do these interests shift within the body, and how do I follow them. It is not only about telling the body what to do and how to do it (to be socially accepted too), but also about allowing the parts that constitute our body to take decisions for us, presenting new (to us) choices we can take, beginnings, options, directions that we are likely unaware of.

It can be found that a body is the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead. I see a body is just a bag of potatoes in a sack, and in our mind we can invert its order, play with its construction and find out that each body is uniquely designed to perform a special range of movements, with no binary difference between masculine or feminine structure, build or background.”

Come and join one single session or a block of 9.
Classes are €15 per class and is a 9 day series every Wednesday of the week or can be bought at bulk rate for €100.
If you come to the first class then want to purchase bulk, your first ticket will go to the cost of the bulk rate.

email or SMS +31617959976 to ask more details or reserve places.