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PERFORMANCE_content not-yet

An enquiry in the body: the possibilities of its contents and functionality of its form.
Forms are not events but as they are not translatable they carry the possibility of an emergence of active change, a change with, so to say, nor departure point or arrival – a change in itself and such.


The enquiry is in the body. The movement is looked at from within, questioning if it can perform itself and if it can not-yet be? What is the beginning of ‘it’ and can its completion be delayed, not denied but postponed to allow the movement’s information to be processed by the body and by who looks at it.

The movement remains virtual, pre accelerated in its becoming. The delay of its beginning creates new configurations of the body’s contents in relation to the space. Prolonging the potential of an acceleration to the point space and time are recomposed any moment, creates openings to the interval, that which is called the “not-yet”.


How can I loose conception of form (the body as we know it, head, limbs, torso) and allow its structure to be the object of my attention. Can it become something else just by changing it’s commonly seen composition? Just as for drawing, if we look at the body parts through the eyes of our experience, we don’t really see what and how they are but we project on them our knowledge about a body we know. But if we see around it and we think of the shapes, the abstract composition of what constitutes the body, then we are much more accurate in really watching and looking at the body. So for dance the question is, can we look around body and at moments loose what we already know? Can we see the body as a bag of potatoes that have no organization until we give it one?

Sound: H.a. van Hees

Content not-yet was premiered at AWA gallery in OT301, Amsterdam NL, in April 2013 and performed for HangartFest, Pesaro IT and C&H Art Space in Amsterdam NL.