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CALENDAR & chronology of events


November 2021: 6th: Between a Kick and a Cuddle, Performance, KunstKapel Amsterdam NL

October 2022: Between a Kick and a Cuddle, Performance, ROUTA Company, Barker Theater (TBC) FIN



October 2o21: 2nd: Between a Kick and a Cuddle, Perdu Theater, 404 festival not found, Amsterdam NL

August 2021: 27th  Lake Studios, open sharing SIDE EFFECTS, Berlin DE

August 2021: 8th – 31st Lake Studios, Artist Residency, Berlin DE

July 2021: 5th-8th, HoPP, Portfolio Exhibition, Arnhem NL

May 2021: 17th ArtEZ, Between a kick and a cuddle, Arnhem NL

May 2021: 5th OT301, Between a kick and a cuddle, Amsterdam NL

March 2021: 13-14th 4bid Gallery, 404_Wild Bodies Residency, Amsterdam NL

February 2021: 26th OTR stream, OT301, Amsterdam NL


October 2020: 3rd Without Quite Knowing, Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam NL

September 2020: 11th+12th Without Quite Knowing, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Dansmakers, Amsterdam NL

August 2020: 20th Without Quite Knowing, OT301 Studioz, Amsterdam NL

July 2020: 8th Without Quite Knowing, OT301 Studioz, Amsterdam NL

February 2020: 14th Between a kick and a cuddle, part of Bodies in Dissent, with Vest and Page, ArtEZ Arnhem NL


November 2019: 16th 301=20, OT301 Studioz, Amsterdam NL

November 2019: 13th CI#3, Co-Sessions, OT301 Studioz,  Amsterdam NL

October 2019: 9th Mixtural, Zaal 100, Amsterdam NL

July 2019: 16th xxx Florence Dance Festival, Spotlight on Choreography, In the event of, Chiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella, Florence IT

July 2019: 15th xxx Florence Dance Festival, Spotlight on Choreography,  7 Ways to begin without knowing where to start, Chiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella, Florence IT

June 2019: 19th, Instant Composition Series, Young Blood Initiative, Vrije Paleis, Amsterdam NL

May 2019: 3rd to June 9th. PABLO BRONSTEIN – CAROUSEL, An exhibition curated by Catherine Wood, OGR, Turin IT

May 2019: 10-11-12th Venice Biennale, Complesso Dell’Ospedaletto, Sala della Musica, Barbaria delle Tole 6691 Venice, IT

March 2019: 4th Bite Size Pieces, Laban, London UK


November 2018: 28th 20:00h performing at Highs & Lows evening of performance @ OT301, Amsterdam NL

November 2018: 17th TBC all day, ’301=19Y’ celebration of the anniversary of the multimedia cultural center OT301, performances in collaboration with sound artist H.a. van Hees. Amsterdam NL

October 2018: 26th, 19:00h Screening of ‘To Time’ and ‘To be titled’, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam NL

October 2018: 22nd, 19:00h Open Studio, OT301 Amsterdam NL

September 2018: 19th, 20:00h, ‘Highs & Lows #27′ at 4bid gallery, curating of the bi-monthly performance evening and feedback session, Amsterdam NL

June 2018: 26th, 20:00h, premiere of new commission work ‘Quite now’ for La Biennale di Venezia 2018, Teatro alle Tese dei Soppalchi, Venice, IT.

June 2018: 25th, 20:30h, re-staging of the work ’7 ways to begin without knowing where to start’ for La Biennale di Venezia 2018, Teatro alle Tese dei Soppalchi, Venice, IT.

May 2018: TBA, Book launch event and performance intervention for ‘LOW CONTENT’ by Irina Baldini, Amsterdam, NL.

May 2018: 27th, TBA performative public event following creative residency at VMI Center for Somatic Practices, Amsterdam, NL.

April 2018: 18th, publication of the book ‘LOW CONTENT’ ISBN 9789402175776, by Irina Baldini, distributed by Brave new Books, NL.

April 2018: 7th, 14:00h Workshop/audition ‘The Toolbox’, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL.

February 2018: 15th, 15:00h, Choreographic Improvisation Workshop, Anamorphic studio, Amsterdam, NL.

January 2018: 20th, 20:00h, Performance of the streets of Istanbul, part of Winternachten Festival, writers unlimited, Den Haag, NL.

January 2018: 4th, choreography of the music video ‘Lilith’, by singer songwriter Michael Prins, Amsterdam, NL.


November 2017: 5th, 18:00h, Workshop/audition ‘The Toolbox’, OT301, Amsterdam, NL.

October 2017: 20th, 17:00h, Pause pop-up conscious store, screening of the work UN-NON and choreography of the event “ART BIBLE”. POSTHOORNKERK, Amsterdam NL.

October 2017: 28th, Costumes for Performance at NDSM amsterdam nurd, by artist Jim Withing, Amsterdam NL.

June 2017: 28th, 19:30h, premiere of the work ’7 ways to begin without knowing where to start’ at La Biennale di Venezia 2017, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice, IT.

June 2017: 26th, 14:00h, performance intervention in Campo Sant’Agnese at La Biennale di Venezia 2017, Venice, IT.

May 2017: 16th to 1st July. Choreographer residency at Biennale College Danza, La Biennale di Venezia, IT.

May 2017: 26th and 27th, 20:00h screening of the performance work ‘What it is is not It’, RADION, Amsterdam, NL.

April 2017: 1st May, 19:00h, performance event and screening of the work ‘Scaletta nel corpo’ following artist residency TRASFORMATORIO, Castello di San Ruffo, Scaletta Zanclea, Messina, IT.

March 2017: 27th, 19:00h, collaborative composition performance and curation at Oorsprong Curator Series, Dokzaal, Amsterdam, NL.

February 2017: 8th to 11th, ‘B.base’ screening of video work and performance intervention, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL.

December 2016: 18th, 19:00h, performance of the work ‘Content not-yet’, part of  ‘Outdancing gallery’, Pause pop up conscious store, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL.


April to October 2016: Tate Commission ‘Historical dances in antique settings’ by Pablo Bronstein, Tate Britain, London UK

May 2016: 21st ‘PROP REPLICA’ part of Outdancing Gallery, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam NL

March 2016: 24th ‘Ghost Tense’, collaborative performance installation with Ezster Horvat and Zsolt Sarcozi, Plantage Dok, Amsterdam NL

February 2016: 3rd-29th, Residency in New York City, US Performances: 20th Stations Revisited, with Dierck Roosen and Erke Roosen at Queens Museum, NY 28th at 67 Ludlow Street, Manhattan NY

January 2016: 30th and 31st, ‘Now’ skype performance installation 4bid/Tisch NYU New York City, US

November 2015: 15th ‘Ghost Tense’, collaborative performance installation with Ezster Horvat and Zsolt Sarcozi, Bart Invites Galerie, Amsterdam NL
26th ‘Content not-yet’, performance installation MEM Festival, Bilbao ES
28th ‘Schikking’, performance with Dierck Roosen, Gilze, NL


October 2015 26th ‘Instant’, Dokzaal, Oorsprong Curator Series, Amsterdam NL 30th Monthly sharing, Amsterdam NL