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As a freelance dancer and performance artist working across different disciplines, I have been teaching and choreographing, taking my work to international festivals such as Venice Biennale and various Fringe Festivals since 2010.

I am enthusiastic about sharing the principles of my fluid-methodology (ATE) which I deploy for choreographic improvisation, with those who have an interest in challenging their givens, whichever may be their backgrounds. The ATE (acronym for Accountable Temporary Expedients) is a generative tool within a composition process, and its practice is an opportunity for those engaging with it to experience and share their explorations in real time, apply it to different mediums and make it serve their own practices.

An open practice sessions guides the participants to engage in an ongoing dialogue between body, thought and real-time decision making.

OPEN PRACTICE – ATE fluid methodology:
 Every other Sunday 15:30 – 18:00h (CET)
: Drop in €15
Questions: email or message +31 617 959 976

 4bid gallery, OT301
 Overtoom 301
, 1054HW Amsterdam NL