VIDEO Personal

A collaboration between Irina Baldni and Dierck Roosen.
For 60 seconds dance 2015 online contest

Dierck Roosen and Irina Baldini locate their work between the fields of  installation and performance, one  a multi-disciplined,  graduate scenographer from ABK Maastricht NL, classical opera studies & film, the other a mover inspired by change, circumstances and fight against coherency, dance artist and performer, alumnae from Trinity Laban conservatoire for music and dance, London UK.
Dierck creates installations that have a theatrical concept and most often contain video or film (S8 & 16mm). He brings absurdism in a chaotic, sometimes even purposely bad, performance setting.
Irina worked as a performer at various art galleries and choreographed for theatre settings as well as site responsively. At present she is responsible for an art space, namely 4bid gallery, part of OT301 cultural centre in Amsterdam, of which Dierck has been the driving force for many years. Since “09 he focuses on producing only his own art pieces, with absurdism and fatalism being leading themes in his work. Often topics contain contradicting issues like the old versus the new or the futility of conformity against contemporary normality. Irina is lead by an interest in openings, beginnings, finding solutions to un-asked questions. In this way they meet,  uninterested in established method, but method being necessary for one-time experiences. Interested in disposable formulas.