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CHOREOGRAPHY_Between a kick and a cuddle

Between a kick and a cuddle

This is the result of the deployment of a fluid methodology developed through my research.
It revolves around the embodiment of tasks leading up to psycho-physical states of doubt and confusion. The methodology, namely ATE, acronym for Accountable Temporary Expedients (tasks constituting the methodology) is a generative tool within the choreographic process. Its performance is an opportunity for the dancers to share their explorations of the tasks in real time, around an audience.
The outcome is one possible output based on the application of a selected number of ATE, as part of the ongoing development of the fluid methodology. Audience can expect to witness a composition of ATE in space and time, as three dancers engage in a dialogue between movement, thought and speech, taking decisions of their own, responding or provoking the other dancers to change how they approach the tasks. This can generate a presence that is at times poised, at others frantic, interrupted or even stuck: torn between a kick and a cuddle.

Research Assistant: Simona Piras
Performers: Artémise Ploegaerts, Tashi Iwaoka, Irina Baldini
Research Supervisor: Daz Disley
External Mentors: Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes