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CHOREOGRAPHY_Between a kick and a cuddle

Between a kick and a cuddle

The work revolves around doubt and confusion, as instigated through a number of tasks the dancers engage with. Audience can expect to witness three dancers engage in a dialogues of movement, sound and speech, taking abrupt decisions in real time, responding or provoking the other dancers and the audience to change how they approach the performance. The performance results in an ever-morphing composition of situations that are poised, frantic, interrupted or even stuck: torn between a kick and a cuddle.

What appears to be a naked space besides three stations inhabited by a few pieces of equipment on the floor, is illuminated brightly bringing the objects to a high contrast of light and shadow. This is the only visual cue the audience sees while hearing a recorded sound through various sources distributed in the room. The sound combines noises and voices referring to doubts and indecisions. The work evolves with three dancers engaging in a choreographic improvisation based on the embodiment of doubt and confusion as psycho-physical states. They move independently as well as responsively to one another, through visual and vocal cues directing their actions and attention.

A multiplicity of audio inputs/outputs and tasks that demand the performers to enter in a dialogue between the movement of their body and that of their thought, allow them to perpetually reassess and negotiate decisions, approximating impossibilities and temporary internal conflicts. Based on Baldini’s ATE-methodology, the work shares with an audience a vulnerability that emerges from engaging with the provocations of the choreographic practice.

Performers: Artémise Ploegaerts, Tashi Iwaoka, Irina Baldini
Assistant: Simona Piras
Research Supervisor: daz disley
External Mentors: VestAndPage