Irina Baldini
Dealing with Change as a state of mind in which any choice is possible and is a chance for “new” is a practice, and it affects the way one is interested in life.
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Low content info:

Het boek met de titel ‘Low content’ is geschreven door Baldini Irina. Low content is in 20180418 uitgegeven door Brave New Books als Paperback / softback. Deze uitgave is druk 1. Dit boek is aangekondigd, bevat illustraties en heeft 112 pagina’s. De nummers behorend bij dit boek zijn 9789402175776 (ISBN13) en 9402175776 (ISBN-10).


LOW CONTENT deals with aspects of Change. It started as a collection of reflections in relation to movement practice and bodily expressivity through personal understanding , and evolved together with a number of artists who contributed to the book directly or indirectly. The concept of Change is addressed in various ways through its relationship to freedom, society and stability, identity and consciousness.


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