PERFORMANCE_Through a Portal

with Emily Welther
at Kunstkapel and 4bid gallery
May 2023


Like tin-toys, wound up by twists, sometimes idle till we take off
again, we get unstuck in spring.
This evening is characterised by research in electro-acoustic sounds and live performance with movement, dance and voice.

Through a Portal, by Emily Welther and Irina Baldini (GEM’N'EYE) is a bridge, an entrance, a tunnel. As flexible forms and resilient containers through which sounds, images, and sensations flow and resonate, they begin deep in the wells of their urges.
Their voices move through fleshy caves, out the hole of their mouths, transforming the space in-and-out-side by its frequencies and the language of their moving bodies.

We turn, meander
Wake up, wind up
bend and curve
loop and stay idle
zigzag, take off
Get unstuck, spring wound.

Photo credit: Theo van Loon