Activity #1 Spiegel im Spiegel

Soi3 Premiere
Erkki Hirvelä atelier, Jämsä, Finland 29.6.13
Oringinal Music: Arvo Part
Cello Elina Kangas, Piano Katriina Hirvelä

The mirror is thoroughly egoless and mindless. If a flower comes, it reflects the flower, if a bird comes it reflects a bird. It shows a beautiful object as beautiful, an uglt object as ugly. Everything is revealed as it is. There is no discriminating mind or self-consciousness on the part of the mirror. If something comes, the mirror reflects. If it disappears, the mirror just lets it disappear.  . . no traces of anyhthing are left behind. Such a non-attachment, the state of no-mind, or the truly free working of a mirror is compared here to the pure and lucid wisdom.” Zenkey Shibayma, Kyoto 1967.

Link on article on Jamsanseutu 24.6. by Petri Kaikosuo