Stations Revisited
a dance-installation:

Premiered at Queens Museum, NYC on 20th Feb 2016 in occasion of

A performance-installation that includes elements of moving image, text, sound, dance improvisation and choreography creating a ‘movement based performance’ that is born in and from the space, that visits it exploring different ways of inhabiting it, respecting this environment and using its changing character to generate itself.
Low-fi video, sound and movement are complementary to each other. As the piece evolves alternating waves where the attention is brought more to one or another medium of the installation / performance, the movement quality changes to more deliberate, chosen and consciously paced.
In the live performance the movement generates from impulses to make a change in the configuration of the body: waiting for an initiation, and acknowledging the movement. This produces a shift in the attention or interest in what is happening to a certain area of the body, which moves in thoughtlessness and responds to the changes.