CHOREOGRAPHY_7 Ways to begin without knowing where to start, VENICE BIENNALE COMMISSION 2017

Dance is what it will be. The body is disorganised. Instinct is quickly distrusted.

Our ground is brittle, arms bridle.

In the openings, the beginnings that hide in this rat’s nest, prospect of scrutiny arise.

Unframed, misshapen, Dance has unbuckled itself, lush.

Each action, an imperfection.



Irina Baldini

Provocateurs / Dancers


Carolina Amares, Francesco Bax, Emanuela Biazzi, Charlie Prince, Kalin Morrow, Elisabetta Violante, Nien Wang Po.



Hildegard de Vuist; Simone Derai; Catherina Schaub Abkarian.


La Biennale di Venezia, artistic direction Marie Chouinard.

Artistic note


Irina Baldini

Drawing from multiple sources of information, refining the skill of listening and distinguishing between

needs, provocations, desire, boredom, indulgement, delusion.

Things inside the body, intellectual and physical/visceral, motivate movement. Equally effective,

different in result.

Tools for choreographic improvisation help forgetting to think about the action and to focus on the

movement itself.

Action, rhythm, space, shape and dynamic qualities are in the bank.

Weight, flow, time and space provide the safety net.

Body parts are the tools.

The person is the Dance. Beyond any skill.

Gaze condenses one’s attention to sensations and imagination in the body.

The complexity of the body and its possibilities are infinite.

Awareness is more weighted with experience, thought, imagination.