TEXT no-ting

When a performance takes place I consider the proximity to the viewer and to the space I perform in. An often complex or diverse space challenges the performer to be aware of what is happening around him and what does this particular space need in that very moment in time. Therefore I believe that a performance can influence how a visitor perceives the space he enters.
It is the use of time and space and the environment’s language that I deal with in my constant research process. I often collaborate with creatives coming from different backgrounds, looking for mutual influences between fields of work. At present I deal with an idea of performance that happens on the outskirts of the
medium, where we are not sure that it belongs to one city or another or is it unclaimed land.

How the work integrates as a whole, between writings, recordings and performance follows a very strict technique, which is that of Trust.
I am trying to refine this technique over time, and it is always challenging. It is hard to let go of ownership of the work and avoid imposing on it my own wills.
There are connections, and inevitable links between parts of my work which I am showing tonight, related to a concept of compression/condensation..
What is seen and experienced is the outcome of my living at ECCO. It does not describe my life here.

The writings are the result of a constant activity of reflection on chose themes, day by day, arisen spontaneously from a thought or an event during that day.
The book of short notes is a collection of impressions and considerations made previous to my arrival in Cadiz and during my stay at Linea de Costa.
The short film gathers together moments that I found particularly significant for the development of my thinking in the building alongside sounds that I will take with me from Cadiz.

Presented @ ECCO
Espacio de Creación Contemporánea, Cádiz on November 21st 2013
c/o Asociacion Cultural Linea De Costa.

no-ting is hosted by ECCO, Cádiz, Spain during one month as part of the Artist in Residency program c/o Linea de Costa.

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