VIDEO: To time.


Morning I fold the creases in my body

Tightly, the weight of one or many nights

Lifts what is broken, lightly

Off the foam to which I no longer

Wish to belong.



Traveling, oddly looping through

What, to whom, bringing taste on my lips.

It is memory, yet, time free. Then was now, is

Now. There is no other I can know.

I let go, every day.


I forget I remember I select,

Anchors, solid? Not, but mirrors

I recognise, awake from many dreams,

In the light, in the night,

Who I am, undefined.


No doubts, no need.

My collection of here and there

Proofs, no reassurance. But trust

The unmentionable which was and

I deliberately decide not to rely on.


Those eyes

Please, tell me nothing. I know

everything, though.

I wish I’d dream. Scan through the truth

of a waking wonder, a few days old

Still cold, only inside.


Skin, wet from the heath

Eyes closed, feet close.

Traveling it seems, between familiar old and

Unbelievable presence, was I

Am I, waking?