VIDEO_Shadow Digits

not a body not material. It is not a proof not what I intended it to be not confusion. I intended it to be confusing. it is a body it is a proof it is what I had intended not vague not mine not live it is not alive it is not a memory it is not a fiction I distrust fiction. it is vague it is a memory all is a fiction. not loyal not ephemeral not unforgettable not digits it is also digits I distrust digits. it is memorable. It is not nothing make it be less. It is a reaction. Someone said reacting is one way of responding. It is not a wilful reaction. It is not a shadow. It is not its shadow. It is not the shadow of a performance. It is not what it is. I’m back. It’s a digital performance. A performance of digits. Fingers. Fingers digiting things. What things? No-things. No thanks. No real things, at least, no digital prints left. No prints. No real fingers either. No digital art. No digits, no art. No party no fun. Not for somebody. Not for us. Not to be performed. Not numerable. Not digitable. Contradiction task: Choose 2 organs. Attribute an effort to one. Give the opposite to the other. Get on with it. Better if it makes you get out.