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The work in progress, emerging from a 1 month residency at LAKE Studios Berlin, is rooted in my fluid methodology for choreographic composition, ATE. The practice revolves around an embodiment of tasks leading up to psycho-physical states of Doubt and Confusion.

With the assistance of Simona Piras, the composition shared ate LAKE has the body as a subject of events, but does not focus on movement as the sole output: movement of the body in this case is both source and side effect. It has provoked or provokes convolutions, which in turn claim their presence as drawing, text, sound, photography or voice.

I am looking for relationship of feedback between the moving body, its traces across different mediums and their witnesses.
The work is composed and rearranged in real time, through the various elements. Visitors are invited to interfere with these, provoking changes in the composition.

During the residency I focused mainly on realising the following:

a performance installation that includes image, sound and movement/drawing interventions.
a sound composition derived from elements informing of the installation
a book of photographic images emerging from the practice
a structured class to disseminate the practice outside of a performance context, to guide dancers and non to familiarise with basic principles of ATE.

Performance documentation: Digz