PERFORMANCE: PROP REPLICA part of Outdancing Gallery

PROP REPLICA is part of the project OUTDANCING GALLERY by Irina Österberg.

The event consists of a reaction and response to Jose Ramon Amondarain Solo show ‘Espazioaren irribarrea’, currently exposed at Galerie Gabriel Rolt.The work is a structured dance that draws upon concepts and images within Amondarain’s work. Irina collaborates with Dierck Roosen, who performs live sounds for the occasion, and the dancers Svetlin Velchev and Artemise Ploegaerts, working closely in collaboration with her.

The work is a 2 hour durational piece covering the floor of the two gallery spaces alternating solos, duets and trios.

Irina Österberg:
Irina worked as a performer at various art galleries and choreographed for theatre settings as well as site responsively. At present she is employed by the TATE Britain, London, as a performer of the piece Historical Dances in Antique Settings working with Pablo Bronstein. In 2013, Irina established the 4bid gallery in Amsterdam with three other artists, a place of experimentation and site for the development of temporary cultures across medias and countries. She also initiated the artistic program Highs & Lows, evening of performances at OT301, bringing contemporary choreography and live art to Amsterdam. Irina is lead by an interest in openings, beginnings, finding solutions to un-asked questions. She does not trust ideas and established methods, but believes in disposable formulas for one-time experiences.

Dierck Roosen:
Dierck creates installations that have a theatrical concept and most often contain video or film (S8 & 16mm). He brings absurdism in a chaotic, sometimes even purposely bad, performance setting. Since “09 he focuses on producing only his own art pieces, with absurdism and fatalism being leading themes in his work. Often topics contain contradicting issues like the old versus the new or the futility of conformity against contemporary normality. For this occasion he works closely with the dancers, weaving sounds into the space and between the movements.

Artémise Ploegaerts:
Artémise comes from France where she studied contemporary dance, ballet and improvisation at the conservatoire de Lille, and in Paris with Corinne Lanselle. Later on, she completed a B.A Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban and started making her own work in London. 2nd Hand Dance invited her for her first residency in Dorking in 2011. The following year, Artémise began her Master of choreography at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, NL. Her work has been shown in France, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, US and Brazil. She has shown works in theatre, art gallery and site-specific spaces such as Bonnie Bird Theatre, Dansmakers Amsterdam, De Lindenberg, Deventer Schouwburg, Dreamspace Gallery, Laban Centre, Eye Museum, and Van Abbe Museum. She performed in the works of Gill Clarke, Reinhild Hoffmann, Ula Sickle, Zoi Dimitirou, Bea McMahon, Susan Sentler among others.

Svetlin Velchev:
Svetlin was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a choreographer, visual artist and performer based in the Netherlands. Involved with Performing Arts ever since young age – at first studied drama, animation and puppetry at Theatre ‘SLON’ Sofia, then graduated secondary special education from professional ballet school NUTI in Sofia, and further more earns BA Choreographer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy ‘CODARTS’. He has worked with Ivo Dimchev, Christian Bakalov, Gabriela Maiorino, Yael Davids, Paul Taylor, Laura Scuzatti Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova. From 2015 took part and currently touring with the performance Sculpting Fear by visual artist Julian Hetzel. In 2012 Svetlin founded MANIFEST Dance Company, and is currently participating sideways at the Cultural Center OT301 in Amsterdam. Also works as a junior assistant in the Phoebus gallery for contemporary art in Rotterdam, as well as a teacher of contemporary dance techniques in the studio CIRCLE Dance.


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